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OBJECTIVES: The Windsor Adult Volleyball League (WAVL) will endeavour to provide an opportunity for adults to play in a league that provides for a full range of skill competition. WAVL will attempt to preserve the recreational aspect of play as well as foster an opportunity for better player development. In order to achieve and maintain the above goals, the following Procedures, Rules and Responsibilities will be adhered to by all individuals participating in WAVL.


NOTE: The intent of having these written guiding principles is not to transform ourselves into a seriously competitive league, but to standardize the rules we all use for fairness and equity when and if question may arise.

Please circulate these among your players. It is also every player’s responsibility to be aware and abide by the rules that govern the conduct and play. The rules are reviewed annually and subject to periodic change and updating by the Board of Directors. In addition, WAVL strives to place teams in their respective tiered level for fair play. This is initially based on your entry level indicated upon registration. With that in mind, there is no way to create and enforce a rule about differences in skill levels, but prudence should prevail. In the lower tiers it is dangerous and unsportsmanlike to have high calibre varsity type players that spike and unnecessarily intimidate unprepared players. Inevitably this could result in an injury. This truly is not our intention, so safety is always a primary concern.




Revisions noted in Red Text.


WAVL subscribes to the Human Rights Code. The Code prohibits actions that discriminate against people based on a protected ground in a protected social area. Likewise WAVL supports anti-harassment and anti-discrimination policies.

Provincial Policy makes it clear that harassment and discrimination will not be tolerated, and set standards and expectations for behaviour.



1. All players that play in the WAVL must recognize that there are some potential risks and hazards that may occur during Volleyball League Play.

2. As such the team and team players acknowledge that they agree to waive any claims they may have against WAVL – Windsor Adult Volleyball League and its’ Directors as a result of any activity on and during regular scheduled League Playing times.

3. The maximum amount that any player or team will be financially reimbursed is the cost of a performance bond and/or players fee whichever applies to the individual and/or player. This is at the discretion of the President.

 4. Any claims for a League Play “sports injury” during league competition is covered by a separate Players Insurance Policy and has specific limitations. Any such claim must be brought to the attention of the WAVL President as soon as possible, or at a maximum within 48 hours after the injury.

5. Any damages caused and/or claimed by inappropriate use of a gym facility will be charged against the team and/or player causing such damage. Team Captains are required to report such incidents or unsportsmanlike conduct, or inappropriate behaviour to the WAVL President. This can be done by phone or email.


1.1 BONDS: The President will enforce any rules and encumbrances relating to the Performance Bond for each team. The team bonds are only returnable to the named Coach indicated on the WAVL registration form record.

1.2 COMMITTEES: In order to assist in running the activities of WAVL, the Board of Directors may appoint people to various Committees – such as Stats or Technical Review Committee(s).

1.3 COACH: The Team Coach will be the principle representative for the team. The Coach must: 1. Ensure that the team is represented at each duly called meeting/clinic (bring pen/pencil). 2. Ensure that each player is aware of by having read or explained by the coach the Rules, Objectives and Procedures. 3. Ensure that the team and players adhere to WAVL League Rules and expectations. 4. Check and make sure scores are recorded properly by reviewing the scores online. 5. Input scores through website before 11:59PM, same night of play. 6. Inform the other coaches no later than the day prior to the playing night of their game, if their team is unable to attend that night. The team must still provide referees. 8. Most all WAVL communications are by email; therefore it is imperative to keep us up to date on your contact coordinates.

1.4 BASIC TEAM RESPONSIBILITIES: The following are mandatory requirements: Teams 1, 4, 7, 2 and 3 are home teams. Team 1 is a home team for the entire season. Teams 4 and 7 are home teams for 3 out of 4 weeks. Teams 2 and 3 are home teams only on the nights that they replace teams 4 and 7 (on the fourth week). Where keys are involved with the home team gyms - there is a critical requirement to assure proper access for game nights. Teams are charged with: 1. The responsibility of preparing the gym for playing volleyball, which includes making sure that the schedule, is followed correctly. 2. In some instances – a home team may need to know the procedure to set the gym alarm code on or off, and that all entry doors are adequately closed and locked upon leaving the gym. 3. Teams 4 and 7 must review the routine/requirements with teams 2 and 3 the night they play. This assures continuation of requirements and responsibilities. 4. The home team is principally responsible to record all scores. 5. After the 4th week of play in the second and third season, teams 2 and 3 must make sure that teams 6 and 9 take any keys or league nets that are required to the next week’s home teams (teams 4 or 7). 6. After the 4th week of play in season 1 teams 1, 2 and 3 must return all keys or league nets along with the stats to the WAVL sponsor location. 7. In season’s 2 and 3 this will occur on week eight. Review article 1.4 above. At Coaches meetings prior to the year-end play-offs all teams must: 1. Pick-up and read the instructions for playoffs. For home teams this may include getting keys or league nets. They must pick up the prizes.  Following your playoff games the teams must: 1. Return any required keys or league nets 2. Take a picture of the winning team and email it along with the name of the team and tier that won.: In fairness to all – we hope and encourage that all teams participate in being a home team at some point. The reality is this league could not function if the duties and responsibilities of a home team are not fulfilled. Any team may be designated to be a home team. We cannot guarantee that a team will not be asked to be one, or will definitely be one! Likewise we cannot guarantee a favoured gym location.

Schedule Changes: There may be times when a scheduled gym is not available. Generally a back-up gym is available for league games but only on a limited basis. If teams are unable to use their assigned gym on the specified night check your email for the latest changes.

Safety: All teams and players are required to exercise “due diligence” and common sense to assure that you and others adhere to appropriate and required safe play and professional conduct. If a significant unsafe conditions exist, please note any such conditions in writing and email them to the President. As such we insist that any non-team members be limited during playing time in your gym.


WAVL adheres to the rules of Federation Internationale de Volleyball (FIVB) with some minor modifications. Please note in specific the following rules. Further detailed information of playing rules may be located at:

2.1 DUTIES OF PARTICIPANTS: It is the responsibility and duty of ALL participants to: 1. Know the rules of the game and abide by them. 2. Understand that the rules apply to all players equally, regardless of their skill level. 3. All players must be on the roster sheet on the night of play. 4. Accept the referee's decisions with sportsmanlike behaviour. 5. In case of doubt, the game captain can request clarification of an infraction. 6. Attend player’s clinics, for a better understanding of the game and rules, when or if required.

2.2 CONDUCT: The conduct of the participants must be in accordance with the spirit of fair play and the following guiding principles: 1. Show a respectful and courteous attitude toward the referee, opponents and other team members. 2. Avoid actions and attitudes aimed to influence the decisions of the referees or to cover up faults committed by their team – such as applause or shout at service reception, or stamping feet as a distraction, etc. 3. Avoid actions and attitudes aimed at prolonging dead times or considered deliberate delay of the game.

2.3 TEAM CAPTAIN: The Team Captain is responsible for the conduct and discipline of all the team players. During a match, the Team Captain will function as a game captain, while on the court only the Captain may communicate any matters concerning clarification of calls or other concerns such as a request for legal interruptions in the game.

2.4 COMPOSITION OF A TEAM: A playing team generally consists of 3 men and 3 women. However, if a team is short a male player – that team may play with 4 women and 2 men, but never more than 3 men. At no time, may there be more than the established figure noted in this article. 1. Minimum number of players - A team may play with a minimum of 5 players (3 of one gender and 2 of the other). 2. In the scenario of meeting the 5 player rule - the position of the missing player must be clearly established at the beginning of the game. This position (empty spot or hole) must always be recognized and rotate with the team as normally required during game play. When this position rotates to the serving position – the serve is forfeited. A point is automatically awarded to the opposing team and the other team will serve the ball. 3. A team with less than the minimum number of game players at the scheduled game time constitutes a forfeit game. 4. The forfeiting team is required to referee the required games – or a loss of half the bond will occur. 5. All players must be identified and registered on your team roster prior to the official closing date of minimum/maximum of 4 weeks.

2.5 ROTATION-SUBSTITUTION Teams may use one of the following systems but may not change the system during the game. 1. Regular player for player according to FIVB rules. 2. Continuous rotation of players (female for female, male for male) to take place after service rotation. 3. Teams who play a system where players have definite roles such as being a setter or a centre hitter/blocker or an outside hitter may rotate players in those roles as long as it is a male for a male or a female for a female. This will be done after a service rotation. When a team is short one female or one male they may play with a hole with the understanding that the hole must rotate even if two teams are in the same situation. If a player shows up they may go into the hole to play after a stoppage of play. 4. The Libero player rules are not used in this league, except for in Tier 1. The Libero is allowed to replace any player in a back-row position. There can never be more than 3 males on the court at any one time.  He/she is restricted to perform as a back-row player and is not allowed to complete an attack hit from anywhere (including playing court and free zone) if at the moment of the contact, the ball is entirely higher than the top of the net.He/she may not serve, block or attempt to block. A player may not complete an attack hit when the ball is entirely higher than the top of the net, if the ball is coming from an overhand finger pass by a Libero in his/her front zone. The ball may be freely attacked if the Libero makes the same action from outside his/her front zone.

2.6 SERVICE-RECEPTION-PLAY: The following is a condensed version that governs league play. 1. Serving is allowed from anywhere along the length of the service area baseline. 2. The boundary lines are part of the court. A ball is considered “in” if any part of the ball makes contact or strikes the boundary line. 3. In gyms containing a short service area depth – please allow discretion of approximately 2 metres of service area from the back obstruction in order to permit the serve. One step in is sufficient but discretionary if all teams are in acceptance. 4. No penetration under the net is permitted. It is a fault for a player’s foot or feet step over and into the opponent’s court beneath the net. 5. A player may go outside the court to play a ball, but it must be returned over the net inside the sidelines extended vertically. 6. Referees are entitled to make the appropriate call if they believe the ball crossed the plane of the net outside the court boundaries. 7. Teams are allowed to position their players on the court in any order of choice, not necessarily M-F-M-F-M-F in sequence. But this setup must continue in that order to the end of the game.  8. It is a fault if a player touches the ball or an opponent in the opponent’s space before or during the opponent’s attack. 9. The ball must be hit to the opponent’s court by the third pass. 10. Tips are allowed, but not as a “held” ball. 11. A back row player may attack the ball from the back zone if at take-off the feet have not touched nor crossed over the attack line – or its imaginary extension off the court. 12. A back row player may carry out an attack from the front zone if at the moment of the contact any part of the ball is below the top of the net. 13. Only front row players may contact a ball completely above the height of the net and send it across while at the net in front of the attack line. 14. There is continuous play after contact with the ceiling. Balls that contact the ceilings, rafters, lights, or anything else overhead are playable, provided that at no point the ball completely crosses over to the other side of the net. Any object that is directly attached to the ceiling is playable.  Any object attached to a wall is dead. 15. A maximum of two time-outs are permitted per game. 16. A team refusing to play following the decision of a referee will forfeit the game. 17. If a player becomes “injured” during play, stop play immediately.

2.6a SERVICE - EXECUTION: The ball must be hit with one hand or any part of the arm after being tossed or released from the hand(s). 1. There can be only one service attempt. (Note: No second try!) If the ball drops to the floor or is caught on the service attempt – it is a loss of serve. A point is than awarded to the opposing team. 2. The ball must be hit within 8 seconds after the first referee whistles for service.

2.6b SERVICE - BALL TOUCHING THE NET: While crossing the net, the ball may touch the top of the net and still be in play.

2.6c SERVICE - RECEPTION: Players may only forearm pass, bump or volley a serve. The ball must not be held during contact. 1. Players cannot block or spike the serve. 2. Any first ball over the net may be double hit, unless it is clearly a held ball. 3. Contact with the ball can be made from the feet up, providing it is not a “held” ball. 4. Players on the serving team must not screen the opponents from seeing the contact for the service or path of the ball.

2.6d REACHING BEYOND THE NET: Players may reach over the top of the net only on the follow through for a spike or block. A player may never touch the ball to intercept a pass when it is entirely in the opponent’s court (defined by the plane of the net). 1. An opponent may never spike a ball totally from within the other team’s side of the net. 2. In blocking, a blocker may touch the ball beyond the net, if the player does not interfere with the opponent’s play before, nor during the latter’s attack hit.

2.6e CONTACT WITH THE NET: Contact with the net or antenna is a fault, except when a player touches them during outside of the playing zone.

2.7 NET HEIGHT: The net height should be set as close to 2.43 m (8'-0") or as high as possible, but never lower than 2.24 m (7'-4"). The school gym nets must be returned at the end of the evening to the height of their original position found in the gym.

2.8 STARTING TIME & SCHEDULE: Each gym is either 6:30 or 7:00 pm. starting time. 1. There should be no gyms that have not started to play 15 minutes after your starting time. If a team is not ready for play within 15 minutes after the starting time - they forfeit their games in round 1. If they are not there 30 minutes after the starting time; than they forfeit their games in round 2. If they are not there in 45 minutes, or at the start of their 3rd game; they forfeit the games in round 3. 2. The order of play cannot change. Teams must follow the exact schedule set listed by WAVL; 1vs 2, 1 vs. 3, 2 vs. 3. 3. Teams should minimize the breaks between games. Teams must be ready within "reasonable" time to start the next game.

2.9 RALLY POINT SYSTEM & WIN A SET: The following point system will be utilized for the games. No game will exceed 27 points Note: Games may end with scores 25-27, or 26-27. 1. Each match will consist of three games. All three games will count as a win or loss. A team winning two or more games (sets) against the same team constitutes a match point. 2. All games will use the rally-point scoring system. A point is awarded on all serves. 3. The team that first scores 25 points with a minimum lead of two points wins a set. 4. The maximum point limit set by WAVL rules is a 27 point game. 5. In case of a forfeit by two teams, neither team gains points for the forfeited games. Sample Scores

1 vs. 2   25 - 19

1 vs. 3   25 - 16

2 vs. 3   25 - 20

1 vs. 2   25 - 21

1 vs. 3   25 - 17

2 vs. 3   25 - 15

1 vs. 2   22 - 25

1 vs. 3   25 - 20

2 vs. 3   22 - 25

Three teams play each other round robin 3 games each. That’s a total of 9 games. From a stats point of view there will be 9 wins and 9 losses noted on the score sheet. The winner of 2 or 3 games against an individual team – wins a match. An individual team can only win a maximum of 2 matches. All score tie breakers are done by total points scored.

2.10 TEAM EXPECTATIONS (refer also to article 1.4 above): The Home Team will be in charge of the assigned gym. It is the duty of ALL TEAMS in the gym to adhere to the following expectations. 1. Stats, gym keys/league nets must be returned as noted in article 1.4 above. This is required for standings, coordination and scheduling. 2. Smoking or drinking (except water) is not permitted in the gyms or buildings, or property to comply with our “rental agreement”. No alcohol/drugs allowed in or on gym rental properties at any time. 3. No food or beverages of any type are to be brought into the gyms, other than water. 4. No wandering around the school beyond the gym proper (washrooms/change rooms). WAVL rents the gym area only, so please do not use the staff room, etc. 5. All gyms are to be left in the order in which they were found when teams arrived; e.g. return chairs or equipment to original places. Please pick up and remove your garbage. 6. All games are to start on time in order to fulfill gym obligations for departure times. The gyms must be cleared by the departure time. 7. The gyms are specifically rented for VOLLEYBALL ONLY. Not basketball or other games. 8. No players are to hang on the basketball rims or any other gym equipment. 9. Teams/players causing damage to backboards, basketball rims, etc will be responsible for damage and the required cost of replacement. 10. If games are running late, the home team may suggest shorter games if necessary to complete the schedule during the rental time. 11. Home teams will be responsible for directing the preparation of the gym for play. Visiting teams are also responsible to assist home team. 12. Home teams are responsible for giving the website the results of the games uploaded by 11:59PM same day. This will allow the results to be recorded and statistics to be prepared for the WAVL Stat’s page. 13. Game forfeitures will be enforced by the home team and the League Convener. 14. All teams will supervise the enforcement of the general rules listed above and report any flagrant abuses of these rules in writing to the President. 15. Any player(s) ejected from a game, no matter what the reason, must be reported to the President by email. The matter will be reviewed by the League Convener and Enforcement Officer to see if suspensions and expulsions are necessary. 16. Failure to record any ejections will result in the loss of half that team's bond. It is the coach’s responsibility to ensure that a complaint is completed and submitted by email. 17. It is the responsibility of the player ejected to contact the League Convener to see if he or she is eligible to play the following week of the next scheduled game. 

2.11 PLAYER & TEAM ELIGIBILITY (Refer also to Composition of a Team):

2.11a Eligible WAVL Players 1. All players in the league must be at least 19 years of age and registered on the “official roster” before they can play. Verification may be requested – if deemed necessary. They cannot play until their 19th birthday. 2. Team rosters must have a minimum of six - full fee paid players and maximum of 12. All players properly named for identification for records and for insurance purposes. In order to accommodate shift work and other extenuating circumstances additional players may be added and signed into the official roster. Such instances must be officially recorded by the President. 3. Players not registered are not covered by WAVL for insurance purposes. Such players are playing at their own risk and are not recognized as an “eligible” player. Likewise any non-team member should not be present in the gym. The responsibility rests with the team and not WAVL in such circumstances to assure only eligible WAVL players are present in the assigned gym. 4. No player may play in the league games - until their player fees are paid. The fees must be paid directly to the President, who will establish a list of legal eligible players which will be documented and updated periodically. 5. Rosters will be officially closed at the completion of week 4 playing night of Season #1.

2.11b Player Eligibility for Playoffs 1. Additional players' names must be registered, paid for and documented on the WAVL roster by week 4 of Season 1. 2. Players must be on the Roster sheet to play in Playoffs. Subsequently in order to play in the WAVL Championship game, players must have participated in the Playoff previous to the WAVL Championship. 3. Qualifications for other tournaments will be as set by the League Convener.

2.11c Player Defined: An illegal player is defined as a non-registered and/or under age player. An eligible player is a fee-paid player, in good standing, fulfilling the minimum age requirement, officially recorded on the WAVL roster of teams. The official roster is maintained by the President. The league roster closes at the end of the 4th playing week of season 1.

2.12 General Rules 1. Non-marking rubber soled shoes are required (no street shoes allowed). 2. Every team will be responsible to provide their own volleyball. The volleyballs that will be recognized by WAVL will be Baden-15-0, Tachikara SV-5W, Wilson H7500, Mikasa MVA200 or Molten V5M5000. Note: The home team in each gym will have the right to choose which of the three acceptable balls as recognized by WAVL will be used to play for that evening. 3. When you play the second game against a team, you must switch your side of the court. This applies regardless of whether you have the serve or not. In the 3rd game the team that does not have the serve has choice of the court side. 4. When a team is not playing, they must referee. They must provide one up official, one down official (centre line judge), and one lines person at each end of the court, and a scorekeeper. All referees must be standing and should be focused on the play. Please help the referees, if you make a play that you know is called wrong - please admit it. 5. Referees, umpire and lines persons must be standing and must not be in a position that interferes with the playing teams. (Just immediately outside of the playing area) They must not be sitting on the floor or on chairs, or standing some distance away from the court chatting with others. 6. Any complaints regarding unsportsmanlike conduct and/or gym problems and/or abusive behaviour must be reported in writing to the President. 7. All teams are expected to be ready to play during the playoffs. Coaches or a team representative must attend a mandatory meeting in conjunction with the Final Season Playoffs. 8. Any teams owing outstanding bond money or player fees are considered in arrears and may be ineligible for league play, and forfeit games until such arrears are corrected. 9. Since WAVL is an established adult volleyball league, it is highly recommended that children should not be brought to the games as spectators. In an emergency case if this cannot be avoided, it is the parent/guardians responsibility to properly supervise their children at all times. In all cases, players and spectators are to refrain from leaving the gym area. Do not wander about other areas of the school/rental facility. 10. All teams are responsible to assist the home team in assuring proper setup for playing volleyball in the assigned gym, and proper completion of the stat’s sheets. 11. WAVL cannot guarantee the condition of the gym floor or lighting of each gym. It is suggested that most often gyms are generally cleaned after the end of the day. In most cases the custodians may opt to leave a floor mop/broom to sweep the floor. If there are other undue conditions – teams are requested to note these circumstances in an email. Safety Concerns: Generally, we permit those teams that have a pregnant player the right to substitute another female player to take their place. As such the replacement player is no longer eligible to play upon the return of the player who was on pregnancy leave. 12. Music is only allowed during warm-ups.  If a team Captain requests that it to be turned off.  It must be turned off.  All three Captains must agree to music during warm ups.  NO MUSIC ALLOWED DURING GAMES. 

2.13 Change Rules: In order for a play rule to change from FIVB regulation, there will have to be a 50%+ concern by the league in general and/or a 50%+ concern by the Captains and then the Board will take a mandatory vote on it.  The survey will go out at the end of every playing year. The Board may make any rules at anytime with veto rights from the President.  

2.14  Relegation: There should be at least one team minimum movement up and down between tiers (2 total) with the bottom tier moving one team up and the top tier moving one team down between Seasons 1-2  and 2-3.  The President would have discretion with additional movement only after the mandatory movement was addressed.


The following guidelines assure fairness and compliance with the performance expectations of all teams, coaches and players.

3.1 MONIES 1. If a team drops out after May 30, the team will forfeit the entire performance bond. 2. Cheques submitted for Registration must not be post-dated. Post-dated cheques do not constitute valid team registration. 3. No monies from fees collected are to be returned to individuals or teams that drop out after September 15th, or where there are suspensions and/or expulsions and/or forfeitures levied against them. 4. Once a team has lost part or the entire performance bond, the full value of the bond must be replaced. 5. Continuous occurrences of league infractions will result in expulsion from WAVL. 6. Any team who withdraws from any WAVL Tournament/Playoff will lose their entire performance bond. 7. Teams must have the performance bond at full value – in order to maintain eligibility to continue or register for play in WAVL. Teams with unpaid performance bond fees will not receive credit for games won during the unpaid time period. 8. Performance bonds will be returned – or potion thereof (depending on encumbrances), before the next WAVL playing year, when a team so requests, or where a team does not re-register for the upcoming year at the conclusion of the current playing year. 9. Teams that are in good standing may carry over their performance bonds for the next upcoming playing year – at the end of the current playing year. 10. Failure to perform any of the above responsibilities, after proper investigation by the Directors, will result in an encumbrance against the team’s performance bond. First occurrence may result in the loss of half your team's performance bond. Second occurrence will result in the complete loss of your team's performance bond.

3.2 ENCUMBRANCES: An encumbrance (fine or outstanding charges) will be a charge posted against the Performance Bond for any of the following 1. A fee of $10.00 for use of illegal rosters. 2. A fee of $20.00 for missed attendance/registration at a coaches meeting. 3. A fee of $30.00 for a team that forfeits and does not provide a referee on a required League playing night. 4. A fee of $60.00 for use of illegal player(s). 5. All non-sufficient fund cheques are assessed a $50.00 fee to cover the cost of bank charges. 6. A fee of $60.00 is assessed against the team bond for any team that withdraws after the final registration date in August. 7. All encumbrances must be paid immediately after notification of such an occurrence by the President or as defined by the President. The Directors will attempt to notify teams before meetings; however teams must be prepared to update bonds if messages do not get received before hand. 8. Failure to update bonds at this time will result in game forfeitures until such time that the bond is renewed. The forfeitures are permanent losses. 9. If encumbrances occur at playoff time the portion of the team bond remaining will be returned to the team and a new registration will be required. 10. If a team does not show up for Play Offs, they sacrifice their entire bond. 11. A fee of $10.00 for teams that do not upload scores by 11:59PM of the same day of play.

3.3 SANCTIONS: The WAVL Directors have full and final authority to endorse and resolve WAVL league issues or disputes where deemed necessary including: 1. Final word or decision concerning any dispute that may arise over interpretation and/or application of the WAVL Rules. 2. Player and/or team suspensions for a specified period of time including up to a life-time ban from participating in WAVL, that is deemed appropriate for the well being of the league and safety of other participants. 3. Forfeiture of games of a team where disputes or conditions arise that contravene league rules - including behavioural misconduct, or breach of the spirit of good sportsmanship and expected good behaviour.

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