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2022/23 Season


Monday August 29:   Captains Full Payment Due at Cramdons 5:00 - 6:30PM


Sunday Oct 1 Schedules go LIVE. 


Monday Oct 2nd:  All Rosters due with Key pick up (if needed) at Cramdons 5:00- 6:30PM.


Tuesday October 4:  Season 1 Begins

Wednesday October 5:  Season 1 Begins


October 31st:  Last day to make changes for Rosters.


Tuesday Nov 1  :  Season 2 Begins

Wednesday Nov 2:  Season 2 Begins


Tuesday December 6: Beginning of December Break

Wednesday December 7: Beginning of December Break


Tuesday January 10th: Start up after December Break

Wednesday January 11th: Start up after December Break


Tuesday January 24th:  Season 3 Begins

Wednesday January 25th:  Season 3 Begins


MARCH BREAK:  Tuesday March 14th

                             Wednesday March 15th


Tuesday  March 28th  MAKE UP DATE for Kindergarten Open House

Wednesday March 29th  MAKE UP DATE for Kindergarten Open House 

Tuesday April 4 WAVL Divisional Semi Finals

Wednesday April 5 WAVL Divisional Semi Finals

Tuesday April 11 Divisional Finals

Tuesday April 12 Divisional Finals

Saturday April 22  WAVL FINALS @ Sportsplex St Clair College

Executive Meeting April ??





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